Mini-movie review: Tucker and Dale VS Evil

I saw the trailer for Tucker and Dale VS Evil last year, and I knew I had to get it on DVD eventually. We finally found a copy last week, and I thought it was fantastic. I love how the classic teenagers going out in the woods trope is subverted because the “evil rednecks” are actually just normal guys going on vacation, just like the teenagers are. They look different, so the college teens are all making wild assumptions about what they’re thinking and doing, and the misunderstandings resulting in copious gory violence is brilliant and hilarious.

That said, I have two problems with the film, the first minute of the movie and the last thirty seconds. The first minute gives away the ending and the “twist” and that really sucks. If that first minute of found footage wasn’t there, I would have been pretty surprised by the twist. But as it is, that intro makes the big reveal a huge let down.

The last thirty second scene is just not funny, and it makes both Dale and Allison look pretty shallow and self-centered. After spending most of the movie building on the premise that appearances can be deceiving, and that these two characters from vastly different worlds are both good folks, the finale basically goes, “Nope, they’re both assholes after all! Hyuk, hyuk hyuk!”

Setting those complaints aside, I loved the movie and spent most of the film laughing so hard I was coughing. So I’ll give Tucker and Dale VS Evil 4 stars. I hear a sequel is in the works now, and if that’s true, I’m looking forward to seeing where the next film goes.


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